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Flannery O’Connor with her peacocks 

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Ganaskidi; Harvest God. Haschógan; House God. Tobadzischini, Yebichai War God. Tónenili: Water Sprinkler, Rain God. Nayénezgani; Slayer of Alien Gods.

Edward S. Curtis, Navaho ceremonial dress (Library of Congress), ca. 1904.

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Basically Tumblr.

Except this trash of a show literally parading itself as “satire” but constantly airs racist, sexist, homophobic, and  transphobic material in almost every episode and never apologizes. I feel like this was supposed to be a joke aimed at people getting upset over the shows and its creator constant ignorance in attempts on taking the whole “Don’t be so sensitive” strawman argument.

you literally just proved their point

What point was it? White man make a show filled with ignorant and harmful stereotypes and -isms towards marginalized groups those groups get angry at white man and the white man reacts by telling people they over sensitive. That point?

no, the point that people like you will get mad over it and demand an apology. that is it. 

whether you like it or not, people find this funny, that doesn’t mean you have to rampage around telling everyone not to laugh. what good does that do? does that solve the problem you think is wrong with the show?

no, it doesn’t, so grow up and realise that someone might not be as politically correct as you. 

No, the point is that show made my a white man in attempts to be humor has made an entire show based on ignorance and when called out upon such he reacts constantly trying to excuse himself for his behaviors.

Whether you like are not I as a black and queer man am tired of seeing racist, homophobic, and sexist jokes being portrayed as “humor”. in seeing how people are literally telling “don’t get mad” when these marginalized groups have subject to ridicule for alienation by not the only media but white society as a whole for centuries is what truly gets me. I’m supposed to accept when some white person makes racist jokes at me and laugh too? I’m not supposed to get angry and upset over the persistent ignorance about my people being spread?

Who really has to “grow up” here?

It is humor that’s why your argument is funny. It’s not a show about ignorance and isms, it’s a show based around dark comedy and insensitivity. This is a show I sit down with my family and friends to get a cheap laugh.. that’s  the point a cheap laugh.. and do you know who got me into this show? My cousin (Adopted cousin) Who is gay and black so what does that tell you, madmothmiko ??? It that you are not only proving ohnotania's point but also Family Guy's.. and that point is that you are they type of person who can't take a joke and when ever someone says something offensive you curl up in a ball and cry. So so what if you are a black and queer man because I have black and queer family members, HELL! EVEN 5 OUT OF THE 7 AUNTS FROM MY MOTHERS SIDE ARE GAY but they can take a joke. I can take a joke, ohnotania can take a joke, 2uphik8 can take a joke. But you can’t take a joke because you are OFFENDED BY EVERYTHING! LIKE A FUCKING SOCCER MOM WHO SHEILDS HER CHILD FROM THE WORLD. So I have one thing to say to you  madmothmiko… GROW UP AND LEARN TO LAUGH! IT’S CALLED DARK HUMOR!

^ This is literally the worst pile of shit anyone has ever written me.

There is so much to pick apart I can’t even begin to describe the idiocy that was written here.

and even when you are beaten you cannot take it, so you resort to panicking. 

You call this being “beaten”?

Neither of you have put forth a cohesive argument that wasn’t filled fallacies and excuses and when called out upon said excuses you cover them up with more excuses. Beaten? Not in the slightest 

Just because you’re offended doesn’t mean you’re right. People should have the right to be funny. Or at least make the attempt. Once that is gone what next? If someone doesn’t like art they should walk through museum with sheets to cover it to borrow from Jim Norton. That book is offensive lets burn it.
I rather people show some emotional honesty through humor or art…whatever. Please keep being offensive. At least that can spark a real conversation. But what the fuck do I know. I’m just an asshole on the internet.

Just because I’m offended doesn’t make me wrong. This stuff is supposed to be funny? You find humor in exploitation of minorities and systematic subjecting to harmful “jokes” funny? You are making hypothetical fallacies connecting to point that are not there and completely assumed to be. I am not talking to censorship or being “politically correct” I am talking about being ethically correct,equal, and understanding.

I rather people realize and accept their harmful outlooks and action negatively impact other and their behaviors need to be changed therein

"5 out of my 7 aunts are gay"


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